Drawing Interactions

Click2Correct application’s drawing screen includes several drawing tools. This article explains visual output and interaction logic behind them.


Color logic for drawing objects:

  • Calibration objects: blue when unselected, purple when selected (see marker 1)
  • Calibration menu item will be green if current medical image calibrated (see marker 2)
  • Other objects: green and yellow when unselected (see marker 3), orange when selected (see marker 4)
  • Cut or copy objects: several colors


Shapes and Behaviours

Explanation of markings:

  1. Circles are draggable and connected to main object as pull points. You can change shape of object by these circles.
  2. Helper lines are commonly connects two or more circles for reflecting mechanics behind these circles. They are thinner than other lines.
  3. Main lines gives you understanding of measuring purpose.
  4. Labels show you output of  measuring. You can change position by rectangle near the label. It also has a helper line connected to main drawing object.
  5. Circles can be filled but they have same behaviour and purpose.
  6. Buttons seem like labels with different font color.



Rotation Helper