Browse X-Rays

To browse all x-rays you own, click “X-Rays” button on the navigation bar. To browse all x-rays of a case, go to that case’s details (see case details).


Explanation of markings:

  1. Refresh x-rays list
  2. Filter x-rays list
  3. Change ordering of x-rays list
  4. Change sorting of x-rays list
  5. Browse your own x-rays
  6. Browse x-rays which have been shared with you
  7. Browse x-rays which you shared with other users
  8. Open sharing panel for that particular x-ray
  9. Browse x-ray details
  10. Delete x-ray
  11. Go to drawing page of that particular x-ray

Add a New X-Ray

To add a new x-ray, click go to details page of the case that you want to add an x-ray(see case details). Switch to “X-Rays” tab. Click “add X-Ray” button.


All mandatory fields must be filled and an image must be selected (use marking 1 or drag and drop an image file to this page). Other fields can be filled optionally. Click “Save” button to add a new x-ray to a case. If a new x-ray is created successfully you will be redirected to that particular x-ray’s details page.

X-Ray Details

To browse or update a particular x-ray’s details, click that x-ray’s details button on x-rays list (see Browse X-Rays).


Marking explanations:

  1. Go to Drawing Screen
  2. Save x-ray details